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Innovation, customer orientation, expertise, solution focus, quality.

We work in accordance with these values as founders of

The is 100% hungarian owned company, of which purpose is creating a unique collection of development cards all over the world based on the most popular and widely used coaching models. It is an innovative approach adapting graphic illustrations that provide an exclusive customer experience throughout the whole coaching process while supporting enhanced learning and a deeper understanding.

Our target group is qualified development experts - primarily coaches, psychologists, trainers - who are familiar with the basic methodologies and are capable of applying the development fundamentals when consulting with the client. The prerequisits of using the development cards are the professional competence and deeper knowledge.

The cards and the descriptions were reviewed and proved by Dr. Vince Székely, coach, psychologist, the president of the Hungarian Association for Coaching Psychology. The drawings and its unique mood of visual cards have been created by an illustrator.

Who are we?

It is a family enterprise usifying 2 twin sisters' synergies.

Krisztina Kárpáti-Kincses graduated in the College of Foreign Trade in the faculty of international management and HR. After BSc degree I also applied for studies of Msc in specialization of Organizational Development in Saint Stephen University of Budapest. In 2012 I have met coaching where i have found myself, after completing studies I became a certified business coach by the Hungarian Association of Coaching Psychology. Having more than 10 years HR experience I could constantly use my knowledge gained in OD, training and coaching in practice in internal HR activities.

My sister, Szilvia Kincses graduated in tourism, gained various experiences working in different business sectors, multinational and small and medium sized companies as trainer, in sales, customer service, soft skills, event management.
Both of us have a human centric mindset.

The concept of the cards was to create an innovative tool, which ensures client experience during the development. That is why decided with making cards, as we all like bringing something tangible back home after learning, something they can hold in their hands, experiencing it kinestetically, which is in the same time supports us in achieving our goals as a memor.

Best regards: Krisztina Kárpáti-Kincses and Szilvia Kincses