The purpose of the development cards

SymboliCard Internal Beliefs  - 960x768 pixel - 133586 byte

The SymboliCards were created to increase the service level of development (coaching, training sessions) as a card is given to the client specifically to the topic, which remains with him. The development expert makes the client familiar with the  model, thus the card serves the purpose of reminder later on.

The card saves the development person from drawing the given model to a paper, on the other hand the visual appearance facilitates better imprinting and deepening the content.

Every single development card has the below attributes due to the unified outlook:

  • the elements of the model can be easily read and understood (given the appropriate background information)
  • the background image is visually interesting,
  • brings positive mood, pleasant experience,
  • using symbols (visualizing) the model can be easier imprinted,
  • high quality is guaranteed by the type of paper and printing technique of the product.

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