Using methods of SymboliCard No 1. - Working with symbols

SymboliCard CIA controll circles - 960x768 pixel - 123622 byte

"What the card in your hand tells to you?" - asks the coach.
But when and which situations the development expert shows the card to the client?

SymboliCards are really efficient and useful tools throughout the different phases of development based on feedbacks given by several coaches, trainers using the SymboliCards. Therefore always the specific card is given over to the client depending on the topic of the session. 

Let's look at a concrete case:
The client is sharing his case about the new logistics organization setup, which puts huge stress on him, often he is hitting walls, which makes those days hard to cope with.

Then the coach takes out from her pack the card of CIA, control circles model and posed the above mentioned question: "What the card in your hand tells to you?" 

The client was thinking in silence holding still the card in his hand. He was rolling his eyes across the symbols and words, which appear under the symbols: control-influence-adapt. He was still thinking, looking at the card while making faces and said: -"I feel, like I have the arrow in my hands, despite I can't reach the target, I am rather standing on the rain." Then there was a moment of silence.

The coach was waiting a bit, then asked him: "Do you mean you have neither influence, nor control for change the situation?"

After a short silence the client replied: " I had tried already many times to share my point that the new distribution process entails too many extra steps, but I was kept confronted that the company's headquarter had introduced a new process, which was obligatory to be implemented so that the shipment to the partners worked uniformly."

Then the coach posed the question: "Do you think you have any influence over the situation? Is there anyone you could count with its support?"

The discussion continued, they were working on finding options which could bring the client to his goal. Taking the symbols, who can help him with "pushing the target nearer to be reached".

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