Self knowledge cards

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Self knowledge cards contribute to deeper consciousness towards both ourselves and from others' perspective. One type of the cards depict a basic self knowledge model of Johari window, meanwhile the other two models introduce the most popular and widely used personal typology models of DISC and MBTI.


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The DISC model is based on the personality types of Jung, defines 4 basic pattern types. The behaviour is practically a strategy what the individual selects (not always mindful) to reach his goals and representing himself.


Johari window

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Johari Window's visual model is widely used for developing self-knowledge. It has been invented by 2 psychologists: Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham. The model shows 2 main dimensions for understanding ourselves, the aspects of behaviour and style known by the self and known by others.



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The model is suitable for assessing the client's preferred thinking, decision-making and problem-solving style, identifying the strengths and potential risks to achieve the goals.



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