The power of visualization

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What can be achieved with visualization?


Based on studies the visual appearance, the harmony of colours and graphics supports the understanding, recognition and furthermore increases active participation during the development process.

Not long ago I have found a Dale Carnegie training booklet from my studies, where I read again an interesting publication pointing out the power of visualization in the communication process:

  • accelerates learning, imprinting and recalling by 55-78%,
  • increases the quality of understanding by 75%,
  • enhances the probability of recognition up to 78%,
  • raises both the motivation and participation even by 80%.

There is an additional aspect of visual appearance that has positive effect on remembrance. The well selected graphics play significant role in making a material picturesque. This is rooted from the fact that we think in pictures rather than in words.

We do believe in the power of visualization, therefore we would like to support the above mentioned benefits by providing our visual cards, which in addition create memorable customer experience.


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