Why conflict handling is one of the most popular topic in coaching?

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In the last two years in almost every coaching cooperation​ the topic of​ managing conflicts came up ​sooner or later.

What is the reason for this?

​According to me a conflicting situation is when at least two parties have different ​claim or interest to solve a question they are concerned​.​

Mostly people have the following biliefs to avoid conflicts:

​"​I feel inconvenient​"​
​"​Managing these situations require too much extra energy from me.​"
" I don't know at that moment how to behave"
"Often I regret my impulsive reaction"
And so on...

In reality I think deeply it is all about the lack of trust ​that they can come out of the situation without getting hurt, unfavorable results and damaged relations.
Mostly people feel out of tool to successfully manage situations.

The trick is the assertive communication. It is not something which can not be learnt, quite on the contrary it must be acquired.
Briefly, you communicate assertively if you respect the rights, claims, obligations of the other person, not only yours.You are not intended to beat the other one with a short term interest, but your purpose is to set up a win-win situation

Your coach or trainer can help you explain the different conflict handling strategies and guide you on the way to practice assertiveness.

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