Traffic light

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Using the card during the development session

We are at the initial phase of the coaching process, determining the subject of development. In order to pinpoint a truly important theme, it could be beneficial for the client to ask the opinion of close associates. The questions of the Traffic light can help facilitate the stage of collecting feedbacks. This tool can also be useful later on to make particular action plans in the development process.


The model:

This model assists the client to pinpoint what should he continue, optimize and change -based on others' feedbacks and own self-knowledge- in his life in order to get closer to achieve his goals. The present situation needs to be thoroughly analysed so the client can move forward in the direction of the desired condition.
The tool of changing perspective is also recommended at this point when the coach can inquire how the client is being seen by others - their associates, their manager, direct reports, partners or even by their family.

Source: Myles Downey's book: Effective Coaching. 


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