Using methods of SymboliCard No 2. - Building on the reminding function

SymboliCard pack of 96 coach cards - 192x128 pixel - 16041 byte

Apart from working with symbols what trainers and coaches apply with the visual cards?
You will see multiple ways of using the cards, these are just hints, you can create your own working method with the SymboliCards.

Let's see in which phases of the development process the reminding function are used:

" I use this creative tool between two sessions to give help the client for completing home work."

" Possessing the reminding cards most of my clients evoke the learning, personal recognition also in daily situations, which not only supports, but also accelerates the imprinting of new learning and patterns."

"I can give a visually interesting tool in the hand of my client, which gives support for recalling feelings, thoughts of the previous session and also for self-reflection what has changed, caused difficulties, what went well between the two sessions."

"Mostly I am using the visual cards at the end of the coaching session, when we reinforce key recognitions and my client gets a home work. Thanks to this usually meet the visual cards in the beginning of the next session; clients enjoy working with the cards, as they make the learning a bit lighter, playful, let the clients use their unlimited creativity. "

The above mentioned thoughts are quite much aligned with another article of SymboliCard when we were rising the question "Whether a development process is a project?". 

I guess most of the development experts have already recognized how many training participants are seeking for grasping something, which they can take away with them; it may as well be some models, questions, thoughts.

I have kept facing with the fact that at the end participants considered the grasping the most important. The tools are about to get imprinted, they try to apply them again at a later date.

This is how we are enabling our clients to make self-reflection later as well with the help of the models depicted on the cards.

Thus we don't think only on short term, when we are leading them through the learning process, posing some questions, applying techniques, but we also explain to them for what purpose the model can serve in the long run.


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