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The DISC model is mostly used to test the motivation and the working style.

With the help of the model the managers can receive an answer to the following questions:

 How to motivate the colleague?

 How can I increase the productivity?

 How is he reacting to the stress in the workplace?

 How is he reacting to changes, to the constantly changing external
environment, to the changes inside the corporation?

The usage of the model:

The development expert after filling out the test is explaining the patterns, what are the specific characteristics, and how she considers her own pattern.

The Dominant person is task-oriented and extroverted, goal-oriented, results-oriented, competitive, initiative, determined, developer, creative, inspirational.

The Influencer is rather people-oriented, and also extroverted: open,
direct, enthusiastic, social person, promoter, persuader, counselor,

The Stable: people-oriented and introverted, calm, kind, patient,
specialist, achiever, agent, investigator.

The Compliant is task-oriented and introverted. He executes the work
precisely, systematically, analysing type, objective thinker, perfectionist,

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