Article of Coaching tools by Van der Meer Gabriella

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I often get the question what is coaching about, what it serves for, how I am working?

I myself on my own page try to define the frames of topics related to coaching and disclose the potential.
For supporting this purpose I would like to introduce a great initiative from visual point of view: coaching models, tools placed on cards that support the intangible world of counselling to be raised to a higher and more professional level:

A brand new, visual tool that is easy to understand; the card helps the coaches sharing the models.
By the dual appearance - the visual graphics and the power words in combination -, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated.
This approach guarantees a higher client satisfaction as the symbols get imprinted within a shorter period of time and the recollection of the models becomes easier
Using the cards can create a special atmosphere where the development process is something colourful and uplifting.

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