What is SymboliCard? (What are the SymboliCards?)

SymboliCard is a unique collection of development cards based on the most popular and widely used coaching models. It is an innovative approach adapting graphic illustrations that provide an exclusive customer experience throughout the whole coaching process while supporting enhanced learning and a deeper understanding.

The cards are customized to the clients' needs providing an opportunity to make notes on the back of the card when a specific topic arises that requires improvement.

The size of the cards is 12 x 7 cm (4.5″ x 2.5"), that can comfortably fit in the hand.

There are several different names used for development card. Here you find the collection of names how our product is called.

Information about the name of the cards:

Please, see belown how our partners, clients call the cards:



The official name of our product is: SymboliCard, like it is given by emblem. Should you refer to our cards, please write the first and third see as capital lettes. The SymboliCard logo can be downloaded in different formats among the image elements from our page as well. If possible, please choose this source, thank you!

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