The purpose of the development cards

SymboliCard Internal Beliefs  - 960x768 pixel - 133586 byte

The SymboliCards were created to increase the service level of development (coaching, training sessions) as a card is given to the client specifically to the topic, which remains with him. The development expert makes the client familiar with the  model, thus the card serves the purpose of reminder later on.

The card saves the development person from drawing the given model to a paper, on the other hand the visual appearance facilitates better imprinting and deepening the content.


Cards supporting the development process

SymboliCards supporting the development process - 1024x768 pixel - 156051 byte

The symbolic development cards cover basic models used in different steps of the developement process (primarily in coaching), which contribute both to the development of self-knowledge and support the client to further progess towards reaching his goals.


Self knowledge cards

SymboliCard Johari window model - 960x768 pixel - 124857 byte

Self knowledge cards contribute to deeper consciousness towards both ourselves and from others' perspective. One type of the cards depict a basic self knowledge model of Johari window, meanwhile the other two models introduce the most popular and widely used personal typology models of DISC and MBTI.


Social competency development cards

SymboliCard Situational leadership model - 960x768 pixel - 141380 byte

The cards are aimed to develop social comptences through introducing main models of most frequently arising development topics. Such main competences -which we depicted visually- are eg. managerial skills, situational leadership  (Kenneth Blanchard), prioritization and time management (Eisenhover important-urgent matrix), handling conflict (Thomas-Killmann), creative thinking (Edward de Bono), emotional intelligence (Howard Gardner), impulse control (Goleman) etc.


SymboliCard packages

3 types of SymboliCards - 1024x768 pixel - 176205 byte

There are different types of packages available which consists of development cards specifically focused to certain categories, such as cards supporting the development process, social competency cards, trainer pack, starter pack and also advanced pack which cover all types of SymboliCards.


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