CIA model (control, influence, adapt circles)

SymboliCard CIA controll circles - 960x768 pixel - 123622 byte

Using the card during the development session


We are at the initial phase of the development process, identifying the theme, where the coach is guiding the client in specifying the improvement objective. Closely examining the potential subjects, we need to determine, what are the areas that can be influenced and are worth making the effort to.


The model:

The CIA abbreviation stands for Control, Influence, Adapt.
The essence of the model is the fact that there are certain aspects of life that cannot be influenced or changed. These factors affect our lives, but we cannot change them, we need to accept and adapt to them.
It is more sensible to focus on the aspects we can influence, where we have a chance to directly impact the situation.

The model helps the client realize that the aspects they don't have control over are not worth stressing about or forcing it to change.

Source: the adaptation of Roger Seip

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