Whether a development process is a project? In reality for what term is it for us?

When a client is selecting us to start a development process together is of a huge responsibility. That means our client is lending us trust, believes that we are able to support him meeting his expectations. In the same time he hopes to get on the change curve, even if that is happening only in small steps.

Then what happens when the process is ending up?

I guess most of the development experts have already recognized how many training participants are seeking for grasping something, which they can take away with them, it may as well be some models, questions, thoughts. .

Having participated in trainings both as participant and trainer I have kept facing with the fact that at the end partcipants considered the grasping the most important. The tools are about to get imprinted, they try to apply them, to remount them at a later date.

Let's see a concrete situation!

SymboliCard CIA controll circles - 960x768 pixel - 123622 byte

During a coaching process with my client we were about to clarify what problems she was stressing out day by day, when I pulled out the control circles card as a tool.  With the help of the model the factors can be identified which can be influenced or controlled. Based on the technique my client classified which category the different situations, problems belong to. Finally we have drawn a conclusion that it is worth to concentrate on the factors we have influence on and we are able to change. She admitted that this model was really poweful for her, since then with the help of the card she could recall the model in other situations as well, while stopping for a second to think it over. (The card depicting the control circles can be found as CIA among the development cards: https://symbolicard.com/fejlesztesi-kartya-CIA-modell-25/ )

This is how we are enabling our clients to make self-reflection later as well with the help of the models depicted on the cards.

Thus we don't think only on short term, when we are leading them through the learning process, posing some questions,  applying techniques, but we never explain to them for what purpose the model can serve in the long run.

What is the cost for us, development experts to enable clients to get along in the future using certain patterns?

The answer to the question is that you need to let the thought go that we know these techniques the best,  otherwise we are getting indispensable. The later said internal believes in reality are not even real, because during any types of development processes our aim is to give, give something from our knowledge, competences, experiences and make our client committed to be active part in its own development.

The basic concept of SymboliCard.com development cards is to depict the most often used development models visually, which positively impacts the imprinting and remembering, as basically we are rather thinking in pictures, than words.

Feedbacks collected from experts of different development fields have already verified that CoachCards can be perfectly used to present a model between two sessions as a learning tool handed over to the client. Once the client adapted the model to its own situation, they will be able to do so later on as well, if the card is taken out.

Such a tool is handed over to the client, which helps them step by step. Indifferent from the later said, still your client will always turn to you for help with breakdowns.

This is the way the client relationship is getting stronger not only in short, but in long term as well.




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