Solution Focused Therapy model

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Using the card during the coaching session

At the initial phase of the coaching process, the focus is on forming a relationship based on mutual trust and acceptance. The structure and expectations should be clear in the cooperation so the client can see, what kind of trend and technique will serve as the foundation of the coaching. Using the Solution Focused Therapy model, the whole process, including the various different phases and obstacles are properly explained for an easy understanding.

The model:

The Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach (SFBT) was developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, who originally intended to use the model for psychotherapeutic purposes in the 1980s.
This esentially solution oriented model concentrates on the desired goal. How the client - guided by the development expert - should be able to visualize his objective; also how he should accounter by all the tools and components that will support them in reaching their target.
To assess the present situation and to identify the way of advancement, an improvement scale is also used.

Basic principles:

  • the model focuses on the solution and on the future
  • resolution comes from exceptional cases when the problem either didn't appear or if it did, the client managed to handle it
  • it concentrates on the strengths and opportunities - what is efficient already
  • it is exploring the remarkable events when the target has already been reached
  • it is working with small, realistic steps, celebrating every little progress

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