Impulse control- Traffic lights

SymboliCard Impulse control - 960x768 pixel - 127835 byte


Using the card during the development process:

At the initial phase of the development process the specialist is guiding the client to specify the topic, which is getting the focus of development.
They discuss the relevant topics which one to be addressed mostly to the client to make a change.
In case the client has problem with handling conflicts, as he/she can not cope with hiding the feelings, impulses, this impulse card enables him/her to learn self-control based on the steps of the model.


The model:

The six step Impulse Control Traffic lights model is originated from Goleman, the expert of emotional intelligence.

For Goleman, an emotionally intelligent person is a person who:

  • knows and manages their own feelings well
  • reads and deals effectively with other people's feelings
  • can motivate themselves and persist in the face of frustrations
  • can control impulse and delay gratification
  • can regulate their moods and keep distress from swamping their ability to think, and
  • can empathize and hope (1996, in Pickard 1999:55-6).

The model provides support in 6 steps in being conscious in ourselves when sudden impulses appear, in order to handle with them and avoid the situations repenting what has been told or done, thus the relations are not destroyed.

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