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Using the card during the coaching session

In the development process we are at the stage when after setting the goal, the client is preparing a status analysis evaluating their internal resources, what can they expect from their surroundings, the supportive and withholding factors of reaching the desired goal.

The model:

The SWOT analysis is a simple yet quick tool that can even be used for self- assessment. The main purpose is to identify the client's personal strengths and weaknesses in a realistic way, what opportunities do they have as well as what are the obstacles they need to face based on external circumstances.
By identifying the weaknesses, it will be easier to handle and in some cases eliminate the boundaries that are holding the client back from moving forward. Identifying the strengths from the client's perspective and through the opinion of their inner circle is crucial when using the model. That way the analysis can be accurate and impartial.
Once this is completed, the client needs to sort through their strengths to see what other opportunities they can generate. The same way, they need to analyze their weaknesses if any is eliminated would open up new opportunities.

Source: SWOT analysis Thompson-Strickland

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